5 + A Day Breakfast Speaker


 Dr. Carolyn Lister

Carolyn also has a strong interest in communicating science to the community and is an active member of the New Zealand Fruit and Vegetable Alliance and the New Zealand Guild of Food Writers. She has contributed to several books and appeared in a number of episodes of the TV series ‘What’s Really in Our Food’. She enjoys transferring science knowledge to the wider community by various means including interactive websites (e.g. www.veggycation.com.au) and hands on sessions with local primary school students.

Carolyn also leads the phytochemicals and health team at the NZ Institute for Plant & Food Research and is based in Lincoln. Although originally working on pigments and plant colour, in 1997 Carolyn completed a fellowship at the University of Glasgow and changed to an emphasis on the role plant pigments play in human nutrition. Her team works with a range of food and supplement companies as well as industry groups to quantify nutrients and phytochemicals. Their role is to aid in product development and assist with making health claims. Other current projects include the extension of the New Zealand Food Composition Database, including making it more user friendly, and the development of a Food-Health Relationship Database.